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Chapter 2- Times like this...

Hello loves..

Bem desculpem a demora, mas quando tenho de passar coisas para o computador, sou a coisa mais lenta!

Mas está aqui mais um capítulo! é grande!

A MARII VOLTOU..A MARII VOLTOU! Queria dedicar este capítulo para a minha Mariana  e à minha leitora nova Ritinha:D

Ah e queria agradecer a todas as que comentaram! Alguma leitoras desapareceram, no entanto os comentários que a Joana, Miss Tom Kaulitz, Ritinha , Sofia, Melancia e Marii me deixaram, são os MAIS queridos!

Obrigada..agora calo-me..é melhor!

Love you all



I got up quickly and had a shower. I went alone to Berlin by train. I was super nervous and I brought the sweat-shirt and the teddy-bear just in case they won´t remember me. I finally got to Berlin and I got a taxi to drive to their house.

It was beautiful and the tricycles were there! I WAS SO HAPPY TO SEE THEM!

I rang the bell to their house and Simone came out. She looked at me up and down with a strange look on her face. I think she knew…

-Yes? Can I help you?- she asked smiling

-Yes..IT´S ME, AUNTIE-SI!- I screamed.

-Oh my god! It´s you, Sarah! I knew it! How have you been?-she asked hugging me strongly-We´ve missed you so much!

-I missed you too-I said with little tears on my eyes.

-Who´s at the door mom?-someone screamed from inside.

Auntie-Si smiled and made a signal for me to come in. I entered the room and it was big and beautiful. I followed Simone and got to a big living room. I saw Bill with the TV remote, laying on the sofa. He looked so different…he had long black hair with a little beret and just a little bit of eyeliner.

He got up quickly when he saw me and went to shake hands with me, when I jumped at him and hugged him.

-MOM! YOU LET ANOTHER FAN COME IN?!- he said on the floor.

-No, dear. It´s Sarah!

-What?!- he shouted smiling

He got up fast and hugged me:

-I can´t believe you! It´s you. It´s really you!-he kept screaming.

-Yeah, I know! And it´s you! You look so different. You´re hair…and you´re so tall!

-I know, I know-he said proud-But you´re the one who looks great-he said observing me-But what´s going on with you? Did you come to stay? We have plenty of room´s here..you can stay as long as you want! It´ll be great!- he said without breathing.

-Yes, bu-

-Yes, dear…There are plenty of room´s here! You can stay here! You have to tell us everything about France- interrupted Simone.

-Yes, of course...but where is TOM?- I asked finally.

-Oh he´s upstairs -said Bill –He´s really worried about you! You don´t text him since Tuesday!

-I know, I know…but I’m here now! Can I go meet him?-I asked blushed.

-Of course, honey. I will go with you- said Simone.

-No mom let her go alone- said Bill quickly, making signals to her.

-Oh okay. The room is the third door on your left.

-Okay thanks. I´ll be back in a minute- I said happily.

I went upstairs and I saw millions of doors.

-“Third door on your left” I kept thinking.

Found it. I was in front of the door but I couldn´t knock. I don´t know why, I just couldn´t.

-“Will he recognize me?”- I thought nervous- “I don’t care, I have got to see him.”

I knocked on the door hard.


I laughed, he hasn´t changed a bit. His voice was deeper though. I entered and I saw a big bed and he was on it.

He was watching TV and playing video games. He did not turn his head, but he answered:

-I told you to stay away from my room! Damn, you can´t understand that she didn´t answ-

And he turned his head. I was crying like a baby, but happily.

-“Oh my god it´s you” – I kept whispering to myself sobbing. He got up quickly and his eyes were shining. He got closer and cleaned my tears with his thumb. He finally said smiling:

-So where´s my sweat-shirt?

“He knew it was me” I never thought he´d recognize me. He hugged me and I saw him cry his eyes out. We hugged strongly like we didn´t want to let go.

His head was leaned against mine and he whispered:

-I can’t believe you came. I´ve missed you, “man”-he said laughing.

-Of course I came. I couldn’t live without you…guys-I completed.

We cleaned our tears quickly and he said looking me up and down:

-Wow! You look different! Sexy I must tell you!

-And you´re the same Tom, always flirting with the girls!

-I´m not flirting, only saying the truth.

-Hahaha…very funny! So tell me what´s going on with you?- I asked sitting on his bed- I mean, I´ve been seeing your news, or should I say, TOKIO HOTEL´S NEWS?! You guys are really great!

-Yes, I know! Thanks to great guitar player-he said proud- No, really…it’s a dream come true! You know that!

-Yes, I know- thinking about the past-

-And now you´re all a girly-girly- he said pushing my skirt- you really look beautiful-he said biting his piercing.

I blushed. He had never told me that, because I was always one of the “guys”. I got really nervous when he told me that but luckily, I was saved by Simone.

-Dear talked to your mom. You´re having dinner with us and Tom or Bill will take you home later. Come downstairs. I want to hear everything about France.

I nodded and got downstairs with Tom and his mom.

We all were on the living room talking and I was talking about my photography course. Bill asked:

-So what are you doing now?

-Now, I’m just looking for a job…I´ve got my résumé, so I’m just looking for work-I said laughing nervously.

Bill and Tom looked at each other at the same time. When they did that I knew that they had same idea.

-What?- I asked anxiously.

-We´re doing the 1000 hotel´s tour now and we th-

-I know! I´m so excited for you guys! Where´s Gustav and Georg?! I don’t talk to them in years!

-Let me finish! – said Tom- you may look better, but you´re the same annoying Sarah.

-Tom!-his mom said giving him an evil look.

-Okay! What I was trying to say was…we´re doing the 1000 hotel´s tour and our photographer, Christopher Häring, is coming too of course. But he may need a little help.-Tom revealed, winking at me.

I was speechless- NOO! I couldn´t do it. No, no, no…never!

-Why not?-Bill asked.

-Because I don´t want to give you any trouble. No! I’m not that great!-I assumed ashamed.

-You´re awesome! I´m sure!- screamed Boll.

-No…I said no!

-C´mon Sarah! You´re great. You left us all those years for something. –he said holding my hand in front of everybody!

“What was going on? Why is Tom acting like this?! He never flirted with me, because friends shouldn´t flirt with each other! That´s an universal rule..I think.

I´m not going to deny the fact that I was attracted to him, because he was sexy! But nothing more! We´re friends!”

I was really confused so I took my hand quickly and auntie-si finally told:







Tv remote- commando da televisão

Beret-boina( o que o Bill usa)..lol




Flirt- namoriscar






sinto-me: blah
música: u2 and green day- saints are coming

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7 comentários:
De Joanne a 11 de Abril de 2009 às 03:23
Wii vou ser a primeira outra vez! 8D
Opah eu estou a amar completamente a fanfic! JURO MESMO!
O Tom reconheceu-a, pois claro *-* Oh foi tao querido a dizer que ela estava bonita ^^ tambem queroo xD

" (...)because friends shouldn´t flirt with each other! That´s an universal rule..I think. "
Well Sarah, you can just break the rules xDD

Achei piada a esta parte. E agora será que ela vai aceitar ser fotografa deles? Sim tem de aceitar, com um Tom daqueles a pedir-lhe tanto, só pode *---*

Posta mais Anica ! ^^

De Ritinha a 11 de Abril de 2009 às 11:48
Bem, estou a ficar viciada nesta fic !
Hmm, o Tom e a Sarah ainda vão dar muito q falar ! xD
Posta mais ! :D

PS: Obrigada por me dedicares este capítulo. És uma Qerida ! *-*

De Marii R. a 11 de Abril de 2009 às 12:05

OMG chapter to me lálálá "minha Mariana" ohhh, I love you Anica! :D
And it's really impressive how I liked you just so quickly x). People always say to me: "Oh, you're so mean to everybody, you don't trust anyone!" Even with my boyfriend I was so bad xD. With you it's different darling ^^
And of course I'm back dear, I'm always here=).
You're my Anica =).

I'm really sentimental today xD so... I'll just talk about the fic xD and make a BIG BIG comment ;D

"-MOM! YOU LET ANOTHER FAN COME IN?!- he said on the floor." -> yeah, probably with me he would be on the floor too... and I would have to temper myself, cause in the mean while I would rape him or something xD xD I would be very dangerous

"We have plenty of room´s here..you can stay as long as you want! It´ll be great!" -> Yes Billy I know, but I have to go to a romantic hotel with Tom honey. We need to catch up, and I can't be always raping you... xD

"His voice was deeper though." -> His voice is so beautifull, so hot! I would just die if I heard him (Mariana dream...........)

"-So where´s my sweat-shirt?" -> Ok, Anica! I'll kill you, this was so perfect, like..I don't know! Just perfect! You could tell the deep relationship! He's so sweet x) My Tommyboy

"Of course I came. I couldn’t live without you…guys-I completed." -> oh, she was almost slipping something xD

"-Wow! You look different! Sexy I must tell you!" -> "Mariana just fall out the chair. Please wait just a moment before she woke up and get back to earth. Thank you." xD

" -Yes, I know! Thanks to great guitar player" -> "wait again...Mariana is still around the Universe..In the milkyway xD"

"-And now you´re all a girly-girly- he said pushing my skirt- you really look beautiful-he said biting his piercing." -> "Ok, Mariana woke up, just to shout: I WANT TO BE HER!DAMN!"

" Bill and Tom looked at each other at the same time. When they did that I knew that they had same idea." -> "Mariana is totally recovered. : OMG THEY ARE SO SWEET!I KNOW THAT LOOK! SUCH CUTIE PIES ^^ xD"

"-Let me finish! – said Tom- you may look better, but you´re the same annoying Sarah." -> Evil Tom, but he's sweet at the same time ^^.

"But he may need a little help.-Tom revealed, winking at me." -> AWEEEE, GO SARAH, GO!

"Ready set go! It's time to rape Tom!
The sky is changing we are ONE
Together we can MAKE OUT, while the world is crashing down
Don't wait a minute!"
-> I've just made a beautiful love song for Tom! yeaiih xD

"he said holding my hand in front of everybody!" -> "Marian is on the floor again. Wait just a second please."

"I´m not going to deny the fact that I was attracted to him, because he was sexy!" -> "Mariana just woke up to reveal the obvious fact: Of course he's hot! He is THE SEXGOTT, for god sake! eheheheh xD"

xD xD silly comment

I'm really enjoying the fic x)
I know you'll never, ever disappoint me =)

Kiss Kiss

Love you@

De Eng.Kaulitz a 11 de Abril de 2009 às 16:54

Okay, okay I've to say I'm lovin this fanfic
*vou flr em pt--'*

ISto está muito bom Anica, a sério...Estou a adorar...O Tom no inicio merecia um calduço HUNF...a resmungar com o ouriço e não era ele... Ele reconheceu-a ate fikei parva XD mas ainda bem...

Epah epah ela tem de aceitar a proposta do rasteirento...o que ele quer sei eu bem ihih...E eu ñão acho que ela tipo "ele é sexy e tal" ta bem ate concordo, mas ha mais klkr coisa so ela ainda nao percebeu LOL



De ourfanfiction a 12 de Abril de 2009 às 01:35
Loved this chapter. Absolutely! First: Bill thinks she's a fan! LOL. Second: Tom is the only one who recognizes her at the first sight, without anything else (CUTE). Third: cute, but some kind of akward moments between the both of them. Fourth: they propose! (okay, this sounds really bad. lol) Okay, but you got it.
Fifth: She thinks Tom is SEXY! Sexy is not enough to describe him, but that's a good start :P

Now, will she accept? (I'm almost sure of the answer. ahaha)

Can't wait for the next episode!




De ourfanfiction a 12 de Abril de 2009 às 01:39

De Sarah a 13 de Abril de 2009 às 10:00
I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



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