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Chapter 1- Times like this...

Hallo loves

Depois de séculos eu vim postar..I´m sorry, mas estou-me sentir insegura à cerca desta fic! I´m really sorry! Perdemos alguma leitoras, no entanto muitas não nos deixaram =)..queria agradecer a todas! Joana, Miss Tom Kaulitz,Ana Ritá, Dreamer, Melancia,Sofia. Por isso decidi dedicar este primeiro capítulo a elas todas :D

Está aqui o primeiro, é grande...pois não fazia sentido separá-lo!


Espero que gostem e comentem..mais uma vez se nao perceberem alguma palavra digam, porque é importante!:D (O dicionário está ali em baixo)






I can´t wait to see his face! It´s been 5 years since we don´t see each other. We never saw since that day…20th May of 2004.

We don´t talk, only text-message everyday and every hour. I didn´t tell him that I came here to stay…forever! I wanted to see his reaction…happy or angry?

I came to the airport and of course my family was there. I was so happy to see them! I didn’t visit them in holiday because the course wouldn’t let me. They came to visit me when I was on holidays, so I never went again to Germany in those 5 years.

We sat down for dinner and we started talking about my course and my stay in France. And then I asked:

-Where´s Tom, Bill and Simone? You didn’t tell them that I came, did you?

-No we didn´t- answered my mom.

-Oh okay...then I guess I’ll go to their house now...to surprise them!- I said smiling.

-We didn´t tell you one thing, dear-said my dad. They have moved from Loitsche.

-Really?- I said surprised, but disappointed. “Why didn´t he tell me?”- Oh that´s why I didn´t saw their tricycles outside-I laughed falsely.

-They just left like a month ago-my mom told, trying to calm me down.

-That´s okay…really!- I said truthfully- they probably moved because of the fans.

-Yes, that´s the main reason. They told us to tell you, but we didn´t.


-Oh because we didn´t want to worry you! You had a lot to do there!- my dad replied with a smile on his face.

-“Well, that´s better”- I thought happily.

That actually calmed me down. My mom gave me their new address and I was going to Berlin tomorrow. I couldn’t wait to see his face.  While this thought clouded my mind, I got a text-message.

 “Well helloo? Are you alive or what? You don´t text me since yesterday! I´m worried.

Please answer…and Bill says hi =) ”

I read the text message, but didn´t answer of course! I wanted him to suffer : )

That night I went to bed thinking about the next say but also remembered my childhood.





Me and Tom were inseparable.  We were in the same class. Me, Tom and Bill were really great friends, but me and Tom were BEST FRIENDS! I was little of tomb-boy so maybe that´s why we got along so well. And plus, we lived next door so we were always in each other’s house.

Simone, their mom, loved ne and I liked her too. I called her Auntie- Si. She said that I was the only person who could put good sense in Tom´s head.

I knew Gustav and Georg…they were really nice. But we didn´t talk too much.  One day Tom even told me that one of them was scared of me, because I looked to tough. I think it was Gustav =).

I was really interested in photography so I ran up for a contest, where they would give a scholarship to the winner and the college would pay everything. And of course, the collage was in France.

I would do anything to not to go to school. Like Tom and Bill everyone was always on to me. The teachers hated the twins were always like:

-“ Yes, Miss Sarah, you have been spending so much time with them that not even your grades are the same, but also your style his the same! I mean look at you!” (I had dead locks but my nails were black and I used a little eyeliner like Bill.)

I always fought with my mom because of my grades and stuff like that. They grounded me the worst way…they would take away my camera, that cost 1500$. But also they wouldn’t let me go over at Tom´s.

One day I came from school and my mom yelled:

-Sarah there´s mail for you on the table!

I ran to the table and the envelope was big and yellow! I opened it quickly and started screaming and jumping! I WON! My mom and dad were super happy. Of course they gave their parental speech, because I was only 15 years old.

My mom was preparing a special dinner so I went to Bill and Tom´s house to tell them. Bill was really happy.

-Goof for you! This is your only chance to get out of school and to do what you like the most!- he said hugging me.

-Thanks Billy.- I said happily. He looks so cute when he´s happy.

Tom was having a 30 minute shower so I waited in Bill´s room. Bill was showing me some cd´s when Tom came running, screaming:

-What´s the big news?? I heard Bill screaming!

-Hi!- I said.

- So...tell me! PLEASE! You´re making me nervous!

I told him and he looked bummed, but of course Tom never shows his real emotions. So he wished me good-luck and gave me a hug.

-Tom...I´m not leaving now...just in a month!

-Yes, I know...- he said blushed.

And he left the room. Bill told me not to worry because he always acts like this when somebody leaves,

I went back to my place and had dinner.

Since that day, the time passed really quickly. I quit school and everything was ready. My suitcases were ready passport…everything.

My parents were in the car to drop me in the airport, when Bill and Tom came to my house to say good-bye.

Bill gave me his favorite eyeliner and his favorite teddy bear, which said Macky. (My nickname for him, because he loved Mc Donald´s.) He knew that Tom wanted to talk, so he left the room.

Me and Tom were best friends, but not like sensitive friends. We always knew each others feeling, thoughts, everything…but never showed our sensitive part to each other, only when needed. We both sat down on my bed and he spoke:

-Look, you know I’m bad at this, so let me say this quick. I´m really happy for you, but I´m going to miss you a lot because you´re my best friend. I´ll never forget and I love you.

He said this so quickly that I didn´t understand part of what he said.

-Oh, I love you too Tom! And you know we will never stop speaking to each other! I´ll text- message you every day!

-You promise?

-I promise.

We hugged and my mom called me.

-Hurry! Your plane leaves in one hour Sarah!- she screamed from downstairs.

-So, I guess this means good-bye.

-Yeah, I guess it does- I said sadly.

-Ah wait this is for you.- He gave me his favorite sweat-shirt, that I loved. It smelled just like him. I smiled and left the room.



I couldn´t wait to see him now! I was totally different! I didn´t have dread locks, no baggy pants or nothing. I was really a girl now!

-“ I hope he recognizes me”- I thought. I couldn´t sleep all night.

Tomorrow I will finally hug my best friend, after 5 years!- I whispered to myself  with the sweat shirt worn.







Text-message- mensagem, sms

Tomb-boy- maria-rapaz





música: Oasis- Morning Glory

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12 comentários:
De Joanne a 9 de Abril de 2009 às 01:16
Anica postaste! 8D
Fiquei tao contente assim que vi na minha pagina de perfil um post teu! Ainda por cima dedicado tambem a mim *-* Oh tao queridaa!
Fic com o 'meu' Tom, wi wi wi. Achei poada logo ao inicio quando disseste que nao se viam desde 20 de Maio LOL é o meu dia de anos xD (nao ligues foi so mesmo porque achei piada xD).
Tu escreves tão bem, quem me dera escrever assim inglês como tu! E fiquei muito curiosa sobre a história, quero ver a reacção do Tom quando vir que a melhor amiga já nao é uma maria rapaz e sim uma lady xDD

Quero mais ^^
Beijinho Anica

De ourfanfiction a 9 de Abril de 2009 às 22:55
Joana :D...ainda bem que ficaste contente =)
Claro que era didicado a ti..com os comentários que me dás, e por sere suma das minhas leitoras/escritoras preferidas! lool
Já sabias que era com o Tom..lool
20 de Maio..nao me esqueço..fazes anos! LOOL
Eu posso escrever "bem" a ingles, mas a portugues nem sou metade do que tu és!
Espero mesmo que estejas a gostar e obrigada por comentares!

Kiss Joana


De Eng.Kaulitz a 9 de Abril de 2009 às 13:09

OMG está perfeito Anica...Adorei...

Eu tenho a sensação de que o Tom vai assim quase que cair para o lado, porque ela parece estar fisicamente bastante diferente...e quanto ao Best Friend tenho algumas duvidas...será que é mesmo só best friend lalala



De Eng.Kaulitz a 9 de Abril de 2009 às 15:27
Eu sou desnaturada, tu dedicaste-me o capitulo e eu so reparei agora -.-'

Origado tinkiwinki ;-)

De ourfanfiction a 9 de Abril de 2009 às 22:52

Claro que capitulo tinha que ser didicado a ti.. COMENTAS SEMPRE e além disso gosto muito dos teus comentários! =) sao tao queridos!
Obrigada por comentares, espero mesmo que estejas a gostar!

P.s- adoro queando chamas "tinkiwinki"..lool


De Melancia a 9 de Abril de 2009 às 19:50

BEM AMEI! AMO ESTA FIC, É LINDA! AMO o facto de o Tom ser o protagonista! Estou ansiosa por saber a reacçao das fas, penso q elas vao gostar tanto ou mais q eu!...Amei a forma como descreveste a reacçao dela perante a saida deles da cidade para Berlim...ah e tb a amei a forma como dedicaste parte do capitulo à amizade dela e dos gemeos!!


De Ritinha a 9 de Abril de 2009 às 21:42
É a primeira vez q venho cá e adorei, estou ansiosa para ver a reacção do Tom ! :D
Continua a postar, está optimo !


De ourfanfiction a 9 de Abril de 2009 às 22:50

Tenho uma leitora nova! =) obrigada por comentares, a sério!
Espero que estejas a gostar!



De ourfanfiction a 10 de Abril de 2009 às 00:05
FINALLY! I was dying to read this. And it didn't disapoint me at all! Your writing is still great like always. And I know this is just the beginnig of the story but I think this is one of those which make me wait for it, and want more every single chapter I read, and one of those which make me read the same line over and over again.

And I guess Tom is having a little (huge) surprise with her old (new) girl bestfriend :D Can't wait for more.




De ourfanfiction a 10 de Abril de 2009 às 00:09
Thank god that didn´t disapoint you! Really...:D
It means a lot to me that you think that I write well! Coming from you it´s a huge compliment!
You´ll have to wait and see..
But thanks for commenting!
Really..thank you, sissi!



De Marii R. a 10 de Abril de 2009 às 17:20
Hey Anica!;D

OMG, I'm here...just like hidden xD I'm not reading anyone's fics but suddenly, I was so tired of being lying in by bed all the time, your blog was the first I visited and then I saw the fic and I am so, so, so happy! Really!
And I'm so sorry for not having seen the revolution you've made and stuff... and I didn't say a word, but I didn't saw anything =( I'm really apart of my webworld.

About the fanfic, you really Surprised me! I was thinking about the war and stuff, like you said you had something look a like mine... and suddenly I saw this!
I'm realy, realy enjoying, I just want to see how Bill and Tom will react=)

You have an unique writing! Believe me!
=) This is a huge comment but you really really deserve! Your fic is the only one I'm reading so..my strength to comment goes all to you! I hope you don't mind! xD

Kiss Anica!
Love You @

De ourfanfiction a 10 de Abril de 2009 às 18:40
MARII YOU´RE BACK! :D...I can´t believe it..Oh it´s not you´re fault, really I totally understand! Sometimes we need some space, an BE apart form the webworld!

I´m writing one about war, but it isn´t this one..lool..this is another one that I´m writing.lol
I´m really happy that you are enjoying..specually because coming from you a compliment is very important for me!
And I´m flaterred that you´re only reading my fic..really .
Of course I don´t mind..your strenght means A LOT!



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