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Chapter 3 and 4- Times like this...

Hello mein liebes..bem pedimos imensas desculpas, como a Sofia disse..não estivemos cá num fim de semana e depois os testes!

Eu promento que vou ler as fic´s que tenho em falta, da minha Joana, Miss Tom Kaulitz, Marii..I´m sorry, espero que não fiquem chateadas comigo! Mas não deu mesmo!

Deixei aqui duas fotografias da Serra Da Estrela, se quiserem ver =) São

do percurso de 12 km que fizemos no Parque Natural da Serra da Estrela.

Desculpem, eu sei que sou secante.

Deixo aqui mais dois capítulos! And I´m sorry again!

(capítulo 4, está uma porcaria)







I had a great time with them! It felt like I was part of their family, again…It felt I never went to France. We laughed with the stories told by Bill, and of course talked about the future and stuff.

When we were having desert, Bill asked with pudding in his mouth:

-So, did you decide?

-What?- I asked.

-If you accept our “invitation” to be our photographer of the tour?- asked Bill, looking at the plate if there was any more pudding left.

-Oh, Bill… I already told you..I don´t know! And plus the other guys have to agree too!

-Okay… then I’ll talk to them and then you decide.

I smiled.

Auntie- Si started picking up the table the table and I helped of course. The boys went down to the living room to watch TV. We both cleaned the entire kitchen.

-Don´t you want stay, dear?

-No, Auntie-Si…I just came yesterday and I haven´t spent enough time with mom and dad. I promise, I´ll be back really soon.

-Of course you will-she hugged me-I´ll tell Tom to drive you home.

-No, let them watch TV. I´ll be home any minute by train!

-Nonsense…-she said going downstairs- I would tell Bill to drive you home, but he failed the driving test-she laughed-And Tom never sleeps, it´s only midnight. Bill is usually the one, who takes a nap and then wakes up at middle of the night-I laughed hysterically at the living room.

They both turned their heads when they heard their name. They looked really tired specially Bill.

-Okay, c´mon guys…Sarah has to go. Tom drive her home, please.

-Yeah, of course-he answered lifting up.

I gave a good night kiss to Bill and then to  Simone.

“And now the worse part of the night”- I thought. His big Cadillac was outside. He opened the door for me and I sat down in that enormous car.

-Wait…I forgot my cap-he sighed. He ran back to his house to get it.

My legs were shaking… and why? I never felt his nervous…and why? I kept asking myself.

“I don´t have to be nervous…his TOM! My best friend…duh!- I explained to myself- Just more attractive now- I admitted blushed.

He opened the door with his round cap on and his dreadlocks hidden inside of it. He looked so cute!

The journey took like an hour and a half and I can honestly say the AWKWARDEST moment of my life!

We didn´t talk for several minutes. Our eyes met but quickly turned away. He finally spoke, although I wished that he kept his mouth shut:

-So…are you dating anyone?-he kept his eyes on the road.

-Nooo!-I answered quickly.

-What? You could be dating! You look so different now…beautiful and sexy..

-Thanks- I blushed and turned my head to the window.- Are you?- I had to ask!


-DATING, TOM…Are you dating anyone?

-Oh me…no, no, no. Of course not!

-Of course not- I repeated.

-I mean, don´t get me wrong! You know me…-he said laughing.

-Yeah, I do!

-No, really, I ´m telling the truth-he focused his eyes on me, and not the road-I want to be with someone I know for years and knows me too. I want to be with someone that knows me…better than I know myself.

He said with a deep voice but also meaningfully. he wasn´t looking at the road and I was panicking! But I just looked deeply in his eyes, when suddenly I screamed:


He braked hard as the people on the road screamed at us. They threw somthing and called us names. I was scared, we could have killed those people!

-Are you okay? I´m so sorry! Shit-he screamed hitting the steering wheel.

-No, it´s okay! It´s okay- I answered calming him down.


-I´m fine, Tom! Are you?


He stared driving again. He was terrified and I kept saying that I was all right to allay him.

We finally arrived. He stopped the car in front of my house. He got out of the car and opened my door, just like a gentleman, and followed me to the door.

-Do you want to come in?- I asked hesitating.

-No, it´s late. I´ll call you later, okay?

-Yeah, of course.

He slowly approached his head towards mine…I turned over my head. Slowly his cold lips touched my cheek and I smiled.

-Drive safe…and carefully- I yelled, while he was getting in the car.




Braked hard- travou com força


steering wheel- volante




His beautiful cold lips were still pressed against my cheek. I entered the living room and sat on the sofa with the hand on that spot of my face.

My mom came and asked:

-So, honey how was it?

-Sarah, talk to me...SARAH!-she screamed

-Oh, sorry mom.  Didn´t hear you.  What?

-Oh forget it…it´s late! Go to bed sweetie.

- In a minute…I want to take a bath first.

-Okay, then go to sleep.- she kissed my forehead and left the room.

- I stayed downstairs for a couple of minutes and got up to take a long bubble bath =)

The hot water running through the cock made my whole body shiver. I was relaxed…But Tom wouldn´t come out of my mind.

“For him must be normal to flirt with any girl, but with me that won´t happen”- I told to myself- “He´s attractive, but my best friend…I won´t risk that.”- I thought.

I closed my eyes and went under water, but I heard my phone ringing…I jumped out of the bath and picked up the jeans and reached for my cell phone. I looked at the little screen of the of the phone and saw “TOM calling”


( I just heard Bill and Tom´s laugh)

-Tom?! I don´t have time for this! HELLO?

-Oh sorry Sarah…-he kept laughing-we´re just watchi-

-Hurry up- I interrupted him.

-Why? What are you doing?

-Ahm..I´m going... to…to SLEEP!

-Oh sorry. We just wanted to ask you something-he said chewing something-We´re going to the studio tomorrow to record a thing, and Gustav and Georg are going to be there, so-

-THEY ARE? GREAT!-I shouted.

-Anyways, we wanted to ask if you want to come with us and we can talk about the photograph thing.

-Yeah, of course, if it´s okay with you guys.

-Okay, me and Bill will pick you up tomorrow.

- Bye- said Tom

- Bye-(Bill said from behind)

- Bye Billy-I answered.

-Okay, Bye- Tom said- And dream of me-he shouted and hung up the phone.

I quickly went to bed

"Tomorrow will be another day" I thought, getting under the sheets.









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música: David Guetta

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7 comentários:
De Ritinha a 1 de Maio de 2009 às 14:14
Olaa ! :D
Já estava com saudades desta fic. Cada episódio é melhor qe o outro, estou a adorar ! (estou sempre a dizer isto! LOL)
Tenho quase a certeza q ela vai aceitar trabalhar com eles e o Tom parece estar MESMO caidinho por ela ! =)

Continua a postar !

De ourfanfiction a 2 de Maio de 2009 às 13:38
obrigada por comentares e desculpa a demora, mais uma vez. Eu li de novo os capítulos e tinham alguns erros ortográficos..desculpa, mas eu odeio passar para o computador, uma vez que escrevo em papel. E passei estes dois capítulos para o pc muito tarde..já estava cansada! Desculpa
Agora já corrigi.
E estou mesmo feliz por estares a gostar =) A sério
Obrigada mais uma vez!

Beijinho, Ritinha


De Ritinha a 3 de Maio de 2009 às 11:24
Não faz mal. Demora o tempo q for preciso para postar e não precisas pedir desculpa por isso !
O q interessa é q a fic está optima ! :D

E já sabes, sempre q puder venho cá deixar a minha "marqinha" ! xD


De Joanne a 2 de Maio de 2009 às 23:11
Anicaaaaa, voltasteeeeeeee *-----* OMG, há tanto tempo, estou tao contente!
Eu já ca tinha vindo ler o capitulo mas depois tive de sair e nao pude comentar, depois voltei e resolvi mudar o meu blog, enfim eu ando sempre á corrida, agora ando a fazer uma maratona de blogs zD Mas bem isso nao interessa nada xD
Eu já li os teus comentários, fogo, tu deixas-me quase a chorar =O Eu já sentia mesmo falta destes teus comentários, REALLY!

Agora falando da tua fic. Isto esta cada vez melhor Anica, juro! Eu adoro o Tom da tua fic, ele é tao querido, parece muito inocente aqui *--* A Sarah tem que aceitar, ela vai aceitar nao vai? Tem de ser ^^

Desculpa tambem a demora a vir comentar ^^ E é claro que estas perdoada, o que interessa é que voltes :D
Posta mais Anicaaa ^^

ps: Voces t~em uma sorte, foram á serra da estrelaa *-*

De ourfanfiction a 2 de Maio de 2009 às 23:21
Joana, claro que voltei..estive ausente com estas visitas de estudo à serra d estrela..mas se queres mesmo saber a verdade, estava mesmo a morrer para saber o que iria acontecer!
Desculpa, a nao volto a "desaparecer", mas nao comentei mesmo porque nao deu! I´m so sorry!
Ainda bem que estas a gostar, a sério! FICO MESMO FELIZ =) Tambem gosto deste Tom..lool
Logo ves se a Sarah aceita ou nao, mas claro que já sabes a resposta!
Ainda bem que ja estou perdoada lool eu agora nao vou perder
LoL Fomos a serra da estrela por causa de bio! lool E brincámos na neve e tudo..LOL( crianças felizes)

Beijao Joana e obrigada por comentares

De ourfanfiction a 4 de Maio de 2009 às 22:02
First of all, yes, I forgive you for not posting :P

I just loved the whole journey. Just kept laughing and reading attentively at the same time. Cause I love awkward moments (LIE). Anyways, these two chapters were gr8 (remember?:P) and I want more! Understood miss Anica?

Sorry, I'm not in the mood for a big and decent comment :S



De GIRL CAT a 5 de Maio de 2009 às 14:57



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