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Chapter 5 and 6- Times like this...

Desculpem pela demora, mas tem sido muito difícil postar! São os teste e os estudos e os trabalhos de grupo..BAH! fartinha das aulas! Só quero férias para acabar a fic e para DESCANSAR claro!

Leitoras que desapareceram, mas tenho novas =)

Estes dois capítulo vão para todas as leitoras, obrigada por acompanharem e comentarem a fic!

(se encontrarem erros ortográficos, desculpei-me, mas já sabem que eu odeio passar coisas para o computador,escrevo melhor em papel) Eu amanha leio os capítulos de novo e se houver algum erro emendo logo! Agora estou a morrer de sono..Sorry!(Dicionário ali em baixo)

Love you all





I got up early and had breakfast. My homemade breakfast! Bill and Tom rang the bell and of course came in, and talked for while with my family.

Meanwhile in the car, I was in the back-seat on Tom´s car and Bill was next to him. Tom turned the radio and I screamed loudly.

-What?! What?- asked Tom, scared.

Bill started laughing at me and sang along “our song”.  We both loved that song and we used to sing a lot when we were kids… “99 red balloons, by Nena”

-Oh, please!- said Tom.

But Bill and I kept singing like crazy. We adored that song. It finished and quickly tom turned off the radio.

-I don´t want, you freaks, to EVER sing again- he explained, while laughing-now THIS is music-he put on a Sammy Deluxe Cd.

Bill and I just stared at each other, quiet. But of course Bill can´t keep his mouth shut, so he started telling Tom, “how hip-hop is not good” and stuff like that. They argued all the way from my house to the studio…And the studio was really far!

Finally we arrived at the studio and I got quickly out of the car. I couldn´t hear them anymore! Suddenly I just see two guys near the door. Gustav and Georg! I ran towards them and hugged them tightly. They freaked out…they could only see the twins walking tranquilly in our direction.

-Guys…there are fans here, again! Call Tobi!-Georg screamed

-No, it´s okay! We like this little fan- Bill smiling.

-It´s me, you guys. SARAH!-I shouted.

-What?!- Both Gustav and Georg asked at the same time.

-Yes...I´m back!

-You really look different-said Gustav looking me up and down-Good different-he explained smiling.

-Yes, you do look beautiful, I must tell you…-said Georg- and yo-

-C´mon, it´s getting late-said Tom pushing me in to the studio.

They recorded some video to communicate their 1000 hotels European tour. I stood there in the corner and David Jost, their manager, came to me to talk. He said that he was very pleased to finally meet me. I blushed.

They recorded their video, and the band and their staff all sat in a little room called “relaxation room”. Bill started talking about me and my course, since I was too shy to do it myself. He had his arm around me. Then he finally asked everybody if I could be the tour´s photographer. Everybody seemed to agree, although David Jost asked if he could see some of my work. I nodded.

-So?- asked Bill.

-I don´t know…I mean it would be fun-I smiled.

-We´ll take that as a “yes”- affirmed their manager.

Everybody congratulated me and even Tom =). With a hug!

I couldn´t wait to start working! It would be my first real job!

Since then I passed more and more time with the band and their staff. I got along with everyone and David Jost too, who seemed at first a little scary. But everyone could see the “tension” that was between me and Tom. Dunja one day even said laughing:

 -Be careful with this boy- she said tapping on his shoulder- He is a heart-breaker!

-No, don´t worry. I´ll take good care of him- I answered, winking to him. I still remember, he was all red and Dunja left the room, laughing hysterically.

I was always provoking him and he did that too. He would enter the studio without a shirt worn and stuff like that. I always tried to look firm and strong when he did that.

But despite this tension I still went to talk to him about things that I didn´t trust with anybody. He did that too. We got to know each other better than we knew.

The studio was near Berlin, so they said it would be better if I moved to their house to prepare the tour and also it would be like saving money, since I went by train to the studio. To tell the truth, I was too nervous because now, I would be in Tom´s territory.

Auntie- Si prepared the beautiful guest room for me. I felt like part of the family.

I moved some of my stuff to their house, though I went everyday practically to see my family.

One night I was in my room watching “Joe Black” the movie and I was crying like a baby. Tom had knocked on the door but I didn’t hear him. He opened the door and I put on pause quickly.

-What are you watching? Joe Black? YOU TOO?- he asked desperately.

-What? The movie is beautiful, Tom- I answered cleaning the tear with the tissue on my hand.

-Sarah! It´s just a movie!- he said walking away.

-Wait..can you watch it –I asked sweetly, sliding to the corner so he could fit on the bed.

He hesitated, but I knew that he wanted. I didn´t to this to provoke him, I just wanted to be with him. He got under the sheets slowly and said:

-But please, don´t cry! It really makes me uncomfortable to see a woman cry!

-Oh I thought you were used to it, Mr. Heart Breaker.

He laughed and I got closer to him, putting my head on his chest and my arms around his waist, while sleeping peacefully.





I woke up startled with the remote on my hand. I looked on my left, he wasn´t there. I put on my slippers and ran downstairs.

-Hey…brought fresh bread-said Bill putting it on the table.

-Oh thanks. Did you bring my donut?

-Of course-he answered smiling.

-Uhmm…Where´s Tom?- I asked indifferently.

-I think he went to Andreas’s house. He left this post-it on the refrigerator-he said giving it to me, while preparing his BIG SANDWHICH.




Went to Andreas! Will be back in an hour!



-Oh okay- I said bummed.

-You okay?- Bill asked biting his sandwich aggressively.

-Yeah…I´m going to take a shower. I´ll be back in a minute- I told walking up the stairs.

-Stupid- I said quietly- Left me there alone!- I said walking through the corridor!

-What dear?

-Oh hi- I said scared- I didn´t see you there Auntie-Si.

- Are you all right?

-Yes, I was just talking to myself. But you don´t look so good!-she looked too tired.

-I know! I´m really tired-she said with her eyes closed. I put my hand on her forehead.

-You have a high fever! An aspirin will reduce. I’ll go and get it for you. And stay in bed! I´ll ask Bill to prepare something for you.

-Thank you, dear!- I smiled.

I shouted from upstairs to Bill, which was downstairs.

-Bill make breakfast for Auntie-Si! She is sick!

-What? I don´t know how to cook! I just know my famous “pasta”! Can I make that?

-FOR BREAKFAST BILL?! C´mon Bill…just make the sandwich you made for yourself.

-Okay, but if it comes wrong, it´s your fault- he said heading for the kitchen.

-Okay Billy! And make some hot ch-

-Hot chocolate..I know, I know!

I went to the bedroom and I go the aspirin. Suddenly Bill came with a tray in his hands.

-You´re fast!- I said surprised.

-It´s easy!

-It does look easy- I said observing the sandwich.

-Thanks!- he answered sarcastically.

-Sorry.-I laughed-Thanks for making this delicious sandwich- I said squeezing his little cheeks.

I knocked on the door.

-Can we come in?

-Of course- she said under the sheets.

-Here is your aspirin and water. She took the pill…

-Mom I made breakfast for you!- said Bill giving her the tray and sitting next to her.

-What´s this?- she asked scared- Popcorn in a sandwich?

-That´s how I eat it!- he said proudly.

-That´s disgusting Bill!- I said tapping on his shoulder.

-How do you know? You haven’t taste it!

-I don´t have to! And nobody has to taste it! I’ll make you some eggs!- I said taking the tray off of Simone’s hand.

-That´s all right! I it- she said disgustingly.

- No, noo! You could die! –I said laughing.

-Well okay! Do what you want!- Bill said taking the sandwich and eating it.

I made quickly the eggs and gave them to Simone.

-Do you want to go out? –asked Bill

-I don´t know! Where?

-Don´t know! Just out.

-Okay, I’ll go have a shower!

-Hurry up-he shouted

I took off the pajamas and stepped into the bath. Pulled the curtain and turned on the tap. It was quick, I normally sing, but today I was quiet. I opened the curtain and…


-OH SORRY!- Tom observed me up and down- Sorry I didn´t know you were here!- biting his lower lip.

-Well, I am here!- I said hiding behind the curtain-Get out!

-Okay, okay!-he said laughing!

I got dressed and they were downstairs.

-C´mon let´s go!-I said putting on the jacket.

-What was all the noise upstairs? Mom is sick, you know?- Bill asked his brother.

-Oh..I was jus-

-Tom finds me so irresistible, that he can´t keep his hands off of me!- I said laughing- He entered the bathroom WHILE I WAS IN THE SHOWER!

-Well I thought that..-Tom tried to continue.

-Never mind! Let´s go!

-Where are you guys going?-he asked innocently.

-Out…have lunch! Why?- I asked

-No, nothing…-he turned his head to the TV.

-Ah don´t ask mom to make you lunch! She is sick and tired..-said Bill with the car keys in his hand.-

-What? What will I eat?- he asked desperately.

-You do know how to make pasta, don´t you? Bye- I said indifferently.

-Thanks you guys…really thank you- he said sulky.

-Bye- said Bill storming out.









tapping-bater levemente




lover lip-lábio inferior





música: Paranoid

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4 comentários:
De Ritinha. a 17 de Maio de 2009 às 16:39
Olá, Olaá !
Já estava com saudades de ler a fic, mas percebo q não possas postar sempre, a escola ocupa muito tempo ! (comigo é a msma coisa ! -.-')

Bem, o Tom e Sarah não vou aguentar muito tempo e vão cair nos braços um do outro ! (Hmm, "nos braços um do outro." ficou um pouco piroso ! xD)
Opah, deixaram o Tom sozinho e sem comer, coitadinho !! xD

Continua com a fic ! :DD

De Joanne a 17 de Maio de 2009 às 17:12
Oh, ainda bem que postaste Anica! I'm so happy ^^
Estou contente porque a Sarah aceitou trabalhar para eles omo fotógrafa. Mas ela e o Tom andam muito tensos, se calhar é de estarem tão próximos. Ela ficou mesmo chateada por ele a ter deixado sozinha xD Foi um bocadinho irónica no final, e um tanto mázinha xD
Oh mas eu gosto tanto mas tanto desta fic! Já estou a começar a ver que as coisas se vao complicar, isso agrada-me! :D
Mais mais mais!

Love you Anica ^^

De Eng.Kaulitz a 18 de Maio de 2009 às 18:12

Estou actualizada!!
Epah mas esse Tom é mesmo tonto, primeiro parece-me a mim que se declara no carro, aquilo pareceu-me uma indirecta julgo eu, depois ve o filme com ela num clima romantico, lindo e de manha deixa-a sozinha, bahhh parvo.
Aquela cena na casa de banho, wow já batia à porta muahahah
Agora meu filho comes pasta que te lixas eheheh



PS: Dsc o comment tao tardio mas tive sem net

De ourfanfiction a 22 de Maio de 2009 às 20:57
LOOL. I could almost die for laughing this much. POPCORN ON A SANDWICH! This is the best joke EVER! Bill is just THE BEST! Pasta for breakfast. Nhami, I would like it :D

God, only you could write like this. Really, this was fun! :D


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. Capítulos 34 e 35 - Crime...

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