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Chapter 1- Is it destiny?

Esta é a minha primeira fic também!...Eu escrevi esta fic antes the Fan Party. Espero que gostem e comentem..mais uma vez se nao perceberem alguma palavra digam, porque é importante!:D (O dicionário está ali em baixo)




Finally the day came…Several fans were waiting for that day. The day where I would meet my favorite band, the day where I would see them face to face, the day that nobody could take away from me…THE TOKIO HOTEL FAN PARTY!

I was one of the 500 fans chosen to be with them! Even for like 5 min. I was happy to see them, feel them and probably talk to them.

My flight to Germany was at 6.00 am and I was already awake because I was too excited!

My parents trusted me, so I went alone for the first time!! I arrived at  JFK and I got on the plane.

I wore my “Tokio Hotel” t-shirt, to give me luck, but of course I wasn´t going to wear that to the party. Something more party-ish!


I was flying a day early because of the time difference. It took seven hours and my feet were hurting so bad! But when I got out of there, I breathed fresh air. The “German air.” :D


The taxi was waiting for me outside of the airport. I was staying in a hotel in Hamburg!

When I arrived, the receptionist looked at me up and down, so he saw my t-shirt. He gave a little sarcastic laugh...

- Is there any problem? - I asked.

-No m’am.

-Good! - I said firmly.

He gave me the room key and the first thing I did...SLEEP! The party was next day at 18.00 pm so I rested a lot.

I woke up really early and I had the perfect breakfast. Toast with jelly, eggs scrambled and chocolate milk. It was 15.00 pm and I got dressed.

I called a taxi and while I was waiting, I thought:

-“Camera, purse, make-up, and, and…and...oh the cd´s (for them to sign on)”.

I was shaking when I got on the cab. I was shivering and shaking, I couldn´t believe that I was going to meet BILL, TOM, GEORG AND GUSTAV. It felt hard to believe, but when I saw the other 400 fans outside of the building, it felt right.

I felt a little over-dressed, but I didn´t care! I dressed for them!

Finally the Hamburg security came…

-Please follow us in order! Just create 5 lines because it´ll be easier to get inside a man with a yellow t-shirt, with the german accent.

The chaos started! Fans running and pushing. Screaming to get in and one of them pushed me so hard that I fell on the floor. They didn’t care who was on it and they even tread me hard on the hand. It hurt so bad, that it turned black.


I got up quickly and I just saw thousand´s of heads! I got really scared and my hand was still hurting.

I noticed that one line didn´t had many “heads” so I ran and joined that one.

My make-up was all ruined, my hand was purple and my dress was also spoiled.

Slowly the lines were moving and the stupid girls kept screaming as they got in! I just wanted to get in, so that I could go in the bathroom to fresh up.

FINALLY IT WAS ME!  The place was beautiful, black stage, purple lights and a big table with 4 chairs. I smiled.

I just wanted to go the bathroom but even that had long and infinite lines. When I rearranged my make-up and my dress, everyone was screaming “TOKIO HOTEL”.

I saw a beautiful white “thing” on the stage. I pushed everyone and anything…I WAS ON THE SECOND ROW.

-Hi everyone. Thank you so much for coming! Ahmm…We´re going to start the autograph session and…

The fans were screaming like animals, so it was a little annoying because I couldn’t hear him.

-And then there is an open bar, so we can talk with some of the fans...MAYBE!-he gave his sweet little laugh.

They screamed AGAIN…but I screamed too! This was major news!

-And we´re going to play two acoustics songs for you, from the new album!

I saw the other three, just nodding their heads, as usual, but Georg was a little bit sad or angry! I couldn´t understand because I couldn´t see his face.

They said good-bye but I still wanted to know about Georg! The yellow security man came again and told us that we were going to be divided in 100, so there’ll be 5 groups.

Lucky me! I was with the “screamiest” group, but I didn´t care! I was in the same room as TOKIO HOTEL!

We were the 4th group, so there were signing the first group. Our group was on the bar and I was in the corner because my hand was hurting as hell.

They told that the band was going to take a break, because they already had signed the 1st group. So I ran to the bathroom to put cold water on my hand.

I got lost and I ended up being in a black room alone! I was super scared because I didn´t know how to get back, but most importantly I was scared to miss the chance to have their autograph.

I started to hear someone’s voice, screaming angrily! I followed that voice and I saw a guy with long hair on the phone!





sarcastic- sarcástico

shaking and shivering- tremer ( mais ou menos a mesma coisa ;)  )

tread- pisar




sinto-me: com sono
música: Phantom Planet- California

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De Melancia a 3 de Janeiro de 2009 às 22:19

De Rita a 3 de Janeiro de 2009 às 23:20
Se achas que está "podre" ao menos refere as razões que te levam a crer isso! Em vez de insultares podias fazer antes uma critica construtiva! Talvez até nem tenhas percebido metade do que a Anica escreveu, e só comentaste mesmo para dizer mal... =S

Anica, querida, não ligues a comentários destes que não tem o minimo fundamento. Tu escreves maravilhosamente bem, sweet!

Kiss *

De ourfanfiction a 3 de Janeiro de 2009 às 23:34
rita estás ai?

nao te preoucupes, a minha irmã partiu-se a rir..e ela ate gostou da tua atitude!..

obrigada por me defenderes!

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. Capítulos 34 e 35 - Crime...

. Chapter 9- Times like thi...

. Chapter 8-Times like this...

. Chapter 7- Times like thi...

. We´re back! [EDITADO]

. Capítulos 32 e 33 - Crime...


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