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Chapter 6- Is it destiny?

Hallo :D

Bem ja estou melhor..desculpem nao postei ontem..mas estava com febre e dores de cabeça! E a sofia nao me deixou ir para o computador naquele estado! LOL

Queria dedicar este capitulo ,



Marii( kaulitzfanfics)

Ana Ritá <3


porque mandam os comentarios mais queridos e acompanham a fic! DANKE :D

O dicionário esta ali em baixo!




-“What do I do? Should I get out of here…I´m not one of the VIP´s! Although...hmmm…” -I thought nervously-“Nah…I should get going”- I supposed while trying to leave quickly.

I was so confused! Not just because how Georg left things between us, but also because I couldn´t find the door!

-“Where does it say “Exit”- I asked anxiously-“Gosh…EVERYTHING IS IN GERMAN!”

And then I saw a huge door…like the one´s in the ballroom dancing rooms! I ran towards the door, but of course it was closed! And then I just hear something in german, by two security guards saying something about the VIP´s.

I immediately thought that they were going to let them enter to the room! They couldn´t see me in there, since the non-VIPs’ weren´t allowed to be there! I just had the most brilliant idea (sarcasm)…HIDE UNDER A TABLE!

 There were lots of tables, but they were or too short, or too tall…I quickly hid under a beautiful white table with four chairs next to it.

I listened the lock of the door being opened and the security screaming in English ( I think it was Tobi):

-“Please calm down or we won´t let you in! Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg won´t come out if don´t stop screaming- he said laughing.

There were like 150 fans and they quickly filled up the room. I thought that it would be the right moment to get out under the table, but the fans started screaming like animals! I got scared so I remained under there for several minutes!

-“Don´t worry Mary, you´ll be just fine! - I whispered to myself to calm me down! But suddenly those four chairs were…were “OCUUPIED”.

The table was covered with a purple tablecloth. I thought the people who were sitting on the chairs, were fans! I would explain to them that I was under the table because I dropped something and I went to pick it up.

“But how do I get out of here??” It was really tight under there and plus it was dark, too.

I noticed that one of the fans had enormous pants…I lifted the tablecloth and looked up..IT WAS TOM! I immediately looked down to his waist level…HIS FLY WAS OPEN! I turned all red.

But he was wearing boxers, so no problem!

 “-PLEASE GOD, LET ME OUT OF HEAR”- I said desperately! -“I´m under Tokio Hotel´s table?!  How can I explain to them why I was there? And Georg…oh no...He´s just going to think that I hid there on purpose, to see him or to be with him! I don´t want him to think that!".

As I was praying to get out of there, someone kicked my hip with some pointy shoes! I recognized the shoes; it was Bill, of course!

-OWWW!- I screamed out loud!

 All of a sudden, the four of them looked under the table at the same time!




Exit- saída



tablecloth- toalha de mesa

waist level- nivel da cintura






sinto-me: dodot fãs
música: If I Could Fall In Love- Lenny Kravitz

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12 comentários:
De Marii R. a 31 de Janeiro de 2009 às 16:54
Heyyy ^^
Thanks for the chapter, you're so sweet x)
She looks like me, I always do things that make me even more embarrassed x) poor girl.. If I saw Tom with an open fly I would.. ham..paralyse, and problably start laughing..What was he doing before the signing? humhum! Tom is such a pervert guy, that's why I love him xD
I want to know what is going to happen nowww pleassse, I'm so addicted xD x)
Now Mary should say to Tom, that I'm waiting for him in a hotel room and he doesn't need to close his fly... eheh (I'm not very well today, as you can see. And I'm going out tonight, so..this night must be funny xD)

I hope you get better soon, Anica=)
Kiss Kiss

De ourfanfiction a 31 de Janeiro de 2009 às 17:43
haha she´s like you and her name is Mary..and yourMarii is but MARIANA! :D
What was he doing before the signing? You tell me! :D
Tell me how does it go tonight!..hihi! and mary will tell Tom about the hotel room ;)

thanks for commenting marii..I LOVE YOUR COMMENTS! YOU´RE SO SWEET!

Kiss Kiss @

De Rita a 31 de Janeiro de 2009 às 17:47
And now she was "caught" xD
Well , i really love this fic !
I want the next chapter :D
Kiss *

p.s. - espero que já estejas melhor :)

De ourfanfiction a 1 de Fevereiro de 2009 às 13:50
Hallo Rita! I ´m really glad that you like the fic|!

Thanks for commenting! I´m better, thank you

Hope you´re okay too!

kiss Kiss @

De Dreamer a 31 de Janeiro de 2009 às 18:47
Este capitulo foi absolutamente brilhante! Quais são as probabilidades de a Mary, no meio de tantas mesas, escolher precisamente a mesa dos quatro rapazes? xD

Coitada, é preciso mesmo ter muito azar x'D

Agora como é que ela se vai explicar aos rapazes? Mas especialmente, como é que se vai explicar ao Georg?

Uuu... eu sei o que o Tom andou a fazer xD
*pervy look*

As melhoras para Anica,
E obrigada pelo capitulo ^^

Loads of Kisses to You!

De Dreamer a 31 de Janeiro de 2009 às 18:48
*As melhoras para ti, Anica.

Como eu adoro comer palavras --'

De ourfanfiction a 1 de Fevereiro de 2009 às 13:53
A mary é mesmo assim..LOL
Vais ter de esperar para saber o que vai acontecer com ela e com o Georg! :D

O Tomi é um pervert..já toda a gente sabe disto xD

Espero que estejas a gostar :$..e estou melhor, obrigada! and thanks for commenting!

Kiss Kiss

P.s--estou a adorar a forever sacred!..ainda estou no segundo capitulo mas é linda mesmo!

De Joanne a 1 de Fevereiro de 2009 às 15:52
Hii ^^
Omg forgive me please, I know I didn't coment the last chapters but was not my intention, I just didnt know you had posted :s
Sorry (a)

Well I read the chapters and I love this more and more. This is so addictive :o
And now want she's gonna do? What a embarrassing situation xD

More please T.T

De ourfanfiction a 1 de Fevereiro de 2009 às 15:58
HI!..oh I've missed you...really! :$
that´s okay...:D

I´m really glad that you are enjoying this!..i hope I didin´t disapoint you!..

you'll have to wait to see what happens!


Kiss Kiss @

De Joanne a 1 de Fevereiro de 2009 às 16:02
Did you miss me? :$$ Oh, im sorry.
You're welcome, you deserve ^^

ps: já está no blog o primeiro capitulo ^^

Kisses :)

De ourfanfiction a 2 de Fevereiro de 2009 às 19:48
Oh my! I want more! I need more! This is so.. exciting! And since this chapter I haven't read anything else!

Mary? Is her name Mary?!

I loved that part: His fly was open! LOOL. :P

And now: GIVE US MORE!



De Ana Ritá <3 a 3 de Fevereiro de 2009 às 14:31
OMG ahah xD
Que moca x)
A moça mete-se numas a seguir às outras xD

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