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Chapter 7- Is it destiny?


Pedimos desculpa pelo facto de não termos postado ontem..mas não conseguimos MESMO!..ESTAVAMOS TÃO PODRES..QUE MORRÍAMOS DE SONO! WE´RE SORRY!

Mas já me actualizei nas fics todas :D....

Bem não aconteceu nada de especial esta semana..estive com o meu melhor amigo..depois de séculos!..lool e foi lindo! estava cheia de saudades! De resto continuo uma seca :p

A Sofia postou dois capítulos eu vou postar um, mas amanha posto outro! Prometo! é tenho inspiração quando escrevo no papel e ainda não passei a fic para o computador! I´m sorry! :s

Mas agora a fic...hope you enjoy it!

Love you all!



I screamed so loudly that the four of them looked down at the same time! Their faces were, like, a question mark..I mean Bill´s face, was like:

-Who the hell is that?

Gustav had a weird smile on his face:

-AHHH! GEORG´S GIRL!               

And when I looked at Tom´s face, I quickly turned red, like a TOMATO! I just could see the boxers. THE PINK BOXERS!

My god, I didn´t even want to see Georg´s face! He looked mad!

The only thing that was running through my mind was getting out of there, fast! So I jumped under the table and it fell…all the decorations were now, broken!

-HEYYY!- shouted the security guard.

I was super scared that I didn´t even look back. I just ran towards the bathroom and locked myself in there!

The security guard didn´t follow me, thank god…but someone else did! Somebody was knocking hard on the door that even the whole bathroom was shaking.

I was nervous and scared because I thought that could be Tobi to throw out me off the party. I kept my mouth shut, not letting even sigh come out.

-OPEN THE DOOR MARY!- someone screamed.

-“Unh? How could he know my name?”

-Open the damn door!-he screamed loudly.

I was so tense that I ran towards the door, opened quickly and took some steps back from the door.

The door opened aggressively and banged to the wall. 

-AHHH!- I screamed.

-What the hell was that?!- asked GEORG screaming. He was really furious, I could see it…I never saw him like that in my entire life.…

-WELL?!- He shouted, waiting for an answer!

-HEY…You´ve got some nerve to come back here! I mean you left me in there ALONE! What was I supposed to do?- I shouted even louder

-Yeah, okay Mary..and hiding was the best solution- he answered in a sarcastic way.

-Oh just shut it…I´ll go away if that´s what you want…anyway this was a lousy evening, so bye-bye…PFFFF…

I was walking away when he grabbed my hand. I turned around and his eyes were beautiful than ever. The white t-shirt really brings out his eyes. I wanted to show him that I was angry, so I replied:

-Let go of me! YOU´RE HURTING!

He pushed me with even more strength and I got closer to him. He passed his cold hand through my face and removed the hair in front of my eyes.


His rough lips touched mine gently. We involved in that simple kiss. It was everything I wished that it would be.

His cold hand around my face, made me shiver, but also made me feel protected.

After our first kiss, suddenly we forgot how to speak. His hand fell down to my waist so we involved in an endless hug.






Strength- força


Endless- interminável


música: The White Stripes- seven nation army

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5 comentários:
De Dreamer a 8 de Fevereiro de 2009 às 12:59
Antes de mais... Adoro essa música de The White Stripes ^^ White Stripes Rule \m/

Agora a fic...
Bem, a pobre Mary não tinha mesmo outra escolha para além de fugir dali. Mas depois o Georg foi atrás dela... Gritos para aqui, gritos para ali... e acabaram aos beijinhos x) Estão mesmo bem um para o outro!

... e OMG! O Tom tinha boxeurs cor-de-rosa!! x'D
Adorei o capitulo!!

Fico à espera que postes o proximo!
Loads of Kisses to You!

De Joanne a 8 de Fevereiro de 2009 às 14:01
I knew it, I knew it x]
A kiiiiss *-*

im sorry but today i'm not inspired so I cant do a good comment :s

Kisses :D

De Melancia a 8 de Fevereiro de 2009 às 19:41
PODRE!!!...amo este capitulo!...adoro a forma como estruturas os dialogos...mas é obvio q o capitulo é bom pq tem la o Georg, sim pq tu n sabes escrever pffff lol...just kidding!

De Marii R. a 11 de Fevereiro de 2009 às 16:43

Like I promised, I'm commenting now ^^.
I've already studied Portuguese and Philosophy... shity subjects xD.
I hope all of your tests are running ok:), and I hope that the little introduction of my new fic that I gave you, helped in any inspiration and stuff like that xD x).
This fic, "Talvez no Futuro" it's my all time favorite, so I'm just so anxious to post it and see what you and the other readers think about it ^^.

But...about your fic!
This is just so real! And to me is even more, cause I see so much of me in Mary, not only the name^^, but...she is so messy and grumpy xD just like me.
The kiss got me wowowowow... o.O
The difference between me and Mary, is that I would kiss Tom! My Tommy Tommy uhuh *.* he's so freakin HOT (ok, I'm really freakin out xD)

And about the other comment, in chapter 6... Before the signing I was...having fun with Tom in Backstage lálálá!(but you can't tell nobody! xD)
And about my night, in the day that I've wrote the comment..well I got a little bit drunk xD and I was singing "Pushes me Away" in a little bridge in a park, at my city... It was so embarassing, and people passed by and said: Shut up!!!
I just laugh and laugh xD I'm crazy =X

Kiiiiiisssssssssssss!! (Big BIg BIG coment xD)

P.S.: Também gosto muito de ti Anica ^^. uhuh x)

De Ana Ritá <3 a 11 de Fevereiro de 2009 às 20:28
Hello Anica :P
Today is a special day xD I'll comment this post in English. I'm laisy, so I didn't do it other times. x)
Is a special day too, because, in this post, is something I really enjoyed. The kiss xD
I thaught he was let her go, O.o
He didn't, he kissed her, sooo cool *-*
Now, without stupid and silly things. One more chapter, that I loved :D
Love, Rita.
(I really hope I don't have many mistakes here xD)

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