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I´m sorry- One shot by Anica

 Esta foi a minha segunda one-shot (eu depois posto a primeira)espero que gostem e comentem sff (sejam sinceras). No final deixei um pequeno dicionário, caso precisem. Se nao perceberem mais alguma palavra por favor perguntem, porque é importante :)



It was dark that night and I was in the park alone. I just came out of the bar and I was drunk.

I was frustrated with life , so I injected myself regularly. It made me feel free. I started to throw up.

I heard something behind the trees; I felt pointing and staring, so I turned around.

-Who is there? - I asked angrily.

But no one answered! I felt free and happy with life. The throwing up made me feel like I accomplished something and the drinking well...That made me forget things.

I was preparing the needle, when out of nowhere a guy jumped and shouted:


He threw my injection away and I was angry!

-Hey! Do you know how much that costs! Gosh!- I could barely walk, so I fell on the floor!

The guy tried to wake me, but couldn’t.

The next morning, it was all white; expect a little blue that I saw in the end of the room. It had black hair with white stripes and I remembered:

-“That stupid guy”

I tried to take the serum but I was so weak, that I end up scratching my arm! He came rushing back, because he saw that I was out of control.

-Calm down, Anica! Wait the doctor will be here in a minute!

I started to ask questions to myself:

“Who is that guy?”

“How did he know my name?”

“Why was he worried about me?”

The doctor came in and examined me. I felt like an old painting that everyone would criticize.

-Your putting your life in danger, Miss Anica. But fortunately this young gentleman has signed you in our drug help organization. You will have our support and everything you’ll need!

Please join me, Mr. Kaulitz, to talk about the payments.

I stared at him but not once he moved his eyes from the doctor. It was like I wasn´t there!

He left the room for ten minutes and then came.

-Who are you??- I asked finally.

-Bill.-he said nervously- Bill Kaulitz. I was in the park last night...and….and...I saw what you were doing! You’re putting your life in danger! Trust me, I know!

-I doubt that. You all say that you know, but you have no idea what I’ve been passing through. Do you think that I like injecting myself? Do you think that I like to drink? Do you? - I said, shouting. The tears started to grow on my eyes.

He stared at me. He lifted his hand and he passes through my thin face. He could feel my bones, but not once he left me, not once he watched me like a disgusting thing, not once he watched me with pity!

So he gave me the drug organization programmer. I didn´t know him, but his hands made me feel with hope.

I stayed at the hospital the whole time! I just got out of there to go the organization or to take a walk ate the hospital´s garden.

Every evening, Bill would visit me and every single day he had a new and different thing to complement me about:

“Your hair looks nice today”

“Your face looks lighter today”

One time we were eating ice cream on my bed and he asked:

-Why did you that?


-Why did you inject yourself, drink and stuff like that?

-I don´t want to talk about it- I said turning over my head.

-Anica, please! It´s been three months now! Why?

I hesitated, but I finally answered:

-Because of a guy! A stupid guy- I whispered-I met him like you and I did. He…he…had the same problem and I worked in a drug organization, like this one- I said showing him the pamphlet.

I found him in the street, completely drugged and in a horrifying condition, so I took him to my dad´s hospital.

We were together for a year and suddenly he left me. Never gave an explanation or nothing! I came to the hospital and he was gone! I loved him and I didn’t even have the chance to tell him that! - I said overwhelmed.

I´ll never forgive him! He put his life in danger. I tried to help him, but behind me he was…was… still injecting himself! - and I burst into tears-I´ll never forgive myself neither forgive him!

I lost him!-I assumed sadly- So I started to inject and drink because when I did that it reminded me of him. I felt happy! But he doesn´t know how he destroyed my life. I never even want to see him! – I told irritably.

I started crying and Bill left the room, running.

The next day, I had a note on my bed.

I never stopped loving you! I left you because I didn´t want to influence

you on this, but I guess I made it worse!

I´m sorry!



I was shocked. The note flew of my hand and I fell on the cold grey floor of the hospital.

But that wasn’t the worst part.

The television was on and I heard the news:



"A young man jumped out of a building with just an alcohol bottle and nothing more.



We don´t know the identity or the family of this person. We just know that he has “I’m sorry” written on his arm with a needle."













Needle -agulha da injecção(linha 10)


Serum-soro (linha 18)


Bones- ossos (linha 38)


Pity- pena (linha 39)

sinto-me: ansiosa
música: Spring Nicht and Stich ins Glück

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