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Last Kiss- One shot by Anica


[EDITADO] One-shot para a Joana! :D



Bem está aqui a one-shot que ja queria postar há seculos, mas não consegui! :D

Bem eu e a Sofia estamos um bocado tristes, algumas leitoras desapareceram...Se nao gostam das nossas fics por favor digam-no! :s

Espero que gostem desta one-shot. Já foi escrita há algum tempo.O dicionário encontra-se ali em baixo :)

Deixei aqui um a imagem para conseguirem imaginar melhor o espaço onde decorre a acção!

Love you all :D





He was there… the world had stopped spinning. He had fallen into the darkness alone.

That place, that spot was theirs. He felt protected and calm, but still sad. Life will never be the same…tears fall down on his face every single day, every single minute.

He couldn’t see his life moving, since that day…the day when they discovered:

- Your wife has breast cancer-said the doctor indifferently.

His life changed since then. Everything was different… he just remembered the promise that he had kept with his wife.

“-Always tell me the truth!´re the only person I can trust.”- She begged.

He kissed her golden necklace and prayed in that place. He didn´t go to church, for him that place was sacred… the place that changed their lives forever… the place where they met.





They were school colleagues… they both were in art class. One day he had the courage to ask.

- What´s the… ahm… assignment? - even though he knew

- A portrait – she said cleaning up her desk

- Oh… of whom?

- Something you like, something beautiful – she said with the handbag on her shoulder, ready to leave!

- I see, I see… so can I draw you? – he asked blushed

- Oh… I don´t know…- she said confused. His face immediately looked devastated – Sure, why not? – she said quickly.

- Really?! Thank you!- he said happily - I just want a really good grade- he explained

- Okay – she laughed



After one week



She received a pink note during geometry class:


Can you be today at palace garden, 16.00pm?- Gustav

Of course! =) That´s the garden with lake, right?- Sarah

Yes! Thank you!


And there she was…at palace garden at 16.00 pm! Near the lake waiting for him, she wetted her toes and feet.

-Here I am..-he said

-OH…you scared me!- she answered frightened- What have you got there?- she asked looking at the stuff beneath his arm.

-A canvas and a coal pencil.

-Oh, yes the portrait-she smiled.

So, he told her to sit on the grass and said:

-Smile- and she did.

-Nooo! The smile you only use for me - he justified truthfully.

-What smile?- she asked nervous.

-C’mon…you´re gorgeous!- he said. And she smiled, blushed.

-That one!- he replied happily.

He drew her…every little detail. The hair on her eyes, the soft skin, her beautiful lips. Everything! You could see the passion between them. He never had spoken to her, but on that day he did.

He finished the portrait.

-Done-he said resting his arm.

She went running near him to see it. It was beautiful…no words could describe it! It was more than real.

-This is unique!- she exclaimed, with the hand on her mouth.

-It´s you!- he said smiling.

She got closer to him, and so did he. A gentle touch of lips shivered all of her body. His hands fell down to her waist, so he couldn´t let her go. Her hands on his face so she could feel his smile.

They were boyfriend and girlfriend now…just like everybody else. They always passed their evening on that garden. On that spot where they found each other for the very first time, where they knew each other for the very first time, where they kissed each other for the very first time…

Years passed, both designers, decided to stare a family. Got married and everything was going great, until…





He woke up suddenly. Saw the beautiful lake now water with blood. The beautiful trees with melancholy. The beautiful grass now dead.


All of the sudden his phone started ringing. He answered and heard a voice:

-It´s time!

He grabbed his bike and pedaled as fasted as he could. His tears “flew” away of his eyes and newer grew. He only could think about her:


 He got to the hospital and her doctor was waiting for him at the hall. He threw his bicycle away an ran towards the doctor.

-I´m sorry, Mr. Schäfer. Like I told you, the chemo is not working on her. I´m afraid we have no choice- and left him alone on that cold and dark corridor. He got on his knees with the face between his ankles. He was defeated.

He got to his wife´s room and she was sleeping. She only had a kerchief on her head and the hospital´s clothes.

She looked thin and her lips were dry. She opened her eyes hardly and said:

-You came!

-Of course! I come every evening- he said kissing her hand- how do you feel?

- Nauseated- she answered (because of the chemo)

He broke in tears and fell on her bed.

-What?! Why are you crying?- she asked worried.

-I´m sorry!- he supplicated- I’m sorry-he cried, hiding his face with his hands.


-I can´t…I just can´t…

-Gustav! Look at me! Tell me what´s going on?- she ordered.

-Nothing, nothing!- he said cleaning his tears quickly.

-You promised!- she said reaching for his hand.

He stared at her. Even though she could die any moment, she had the strength of a lion.

-It´s time...the chemo is not working!-he whispered- I’m sorry!

-NOOO! Don´t ever say that!- she begged, putting her hand on his lips.

Gustav grabbed his wife´s hands and kissed them.

-Take me there!- she said

He knew where she said, so he put her on his bike without anyone knowing and brought her to the garden.

She couldn´t walk so he hold her. He brought down near the lake and both sat just hearing the sound of the night.

She laid on the grass and said with her eyes closed, a sentence that never came out of Gustav´s head:

-There is always a beginning and an ending. There is always life and death. There is always a first kiss and a last...

He reached for her lips. They were cold. She corresponded slowly. His tears fell on her face and her tears slide down to the grass.

Suddenly she looked pale and her heart stopped. He knew and left her there  on the grass. He laid next to her and whispered to her ear:

-“I will not kiss you no more, because the hardest part of this is leaving you…”





Breast cancer-cancro da mama







Wetted -molhou

Canvas -tela

Coal pencil-lápis de carvão

Shivered -tremer


Pedaled -pedalou



Kerchief-lenço da cabeça



Strength -força



música: Cancer- My Chemical Romance

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